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Text Exchange is a free advertising network for website owners, that makes it easy to swap textual advertisements with a growing number of websites. Webmasters automatically earn 1 ad impression credit for every 2 ads shown on their web pages. You can then use the earned credits to promote your business, website, products, etc. A variety of different niches and types of sites are welcome to join our ad exchange network, provided that they meet the requirements in our guidelines and rules. Personal websites, business websites, blogs, directories, online services, and forums are just a few examples of different types of sites that can join.

You could get a lifetime of free text advertising with very little effort.

Some of our features.

The ads displayed throughout our network are very similar to those used with Google Adwords / Adsense. There are a few options for both horizontal and verticle styles. The colors can easily be fully customized to better fit your website. Each ad unit can contain 1 to 3 individual ads and users may display up to 2 different ad units per web page. All ads are displayed worldwide by default, but they can be geo-targeted to users in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, or Canada. Members may also earn additional free text ad impressions with our referral program.

We are dedicated to maintaining a quality service and do our best to watch out for cheaters or individuals who try to abuse the system.

How to get started.

It only takes a matter of minutes to set it all up.

1.) First fill in your details to create an account .
2.) Then put the exchange code onto your website. This may also be a good time to add your referral link to earn additional impressions as well.
3.) Make sure that you enter/submit the domain names that you will be exchanging text based ads on. *only default ads will be displayed until you are approved*
4.) Lastly create and configure your advertisements.

We will then review your ads and domains for approval in a timely manner.

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